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Reef Futures 2024 will be held at the Iberostar Paraiso Complex along the Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The hotel and conference complex features five-star Iberostar hotels and a large meeting and convention center.

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The plenary session space at the Iberostar Paraiso Conference center. 

Sustainability with Iberostar

Iberostar Group is committed to leading responsible tourism by integrating sustainability initiatives across its operations. Central to this commitment is Wave of Change, the group's innovation hub dedicated to driving a sustainable ocean economy. Wave of Change focuses on circular economy, nature-based solutions, climate action, blue foods, and destination stewardship.


At the Iberostar Paraiso hotel complex, where Reef Futures is hosted, you will be able to experience Iberostar’s sustainability commitment firsthand. The property is free of single-use plastics and has purified water fountain systems. 100% of the seafood served at Iberostar in Mexico is responsibly sourced, helping both the oceans and fishing communities. Additionally, Iberostar is working to reduce food waste across its hotels and driving coastal ecosystem restoration, including reef, mangrove and coastal dune restoration.

Property Day Pass for Iberostar Paraiso Complex

Attendees local to Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morales, and Cancún that will be traveling daily to/from the conference from their homes will be issued property day passes at no cost. You will be required to show your local I.D. each day when you check-in for your property pass. You will check in at a designated location each morning to get your pass. 

Attendees who are not staying onsite at one of the Iberostar Paraiso hotels, and are not local to the area, are required to purchase a property day pass at a discounted rate of $69 USD per attendee / per day.


The pass provides the attendee with full property access, and access to the same food & beverage amenities available to attendees staying on the property (breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, etc.). Please note that the rate is available to registered Reef Futures attendees only, all others must pay the regular rate of the property. 

VISA Information

Visit the Government of Mexico visa information page to review the countries and regions that require a visa to travel to Mexico. You can use your Reef Futures registration confirmation email to support your visa application.

Iberostar Paraiso Complex, Riviera Maya

Select the red icons on the map to view the locations of the convention center and the Reef Futures hotels at the Iberostar Paraiso complex. The discounted room rates for Reef Futures 2024 are at the Iberostar Paraiso Beach and Iberostar Paraiso del Mar

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